Teleradiology Centers

Stradus offers reliable and affordable solutions for Teleradiology Centers. The Stradus Hybrid PACS can be combined with a special Teleradiology Module which can be fully configured according to your needs. Based on your specific requirements like for instance assignment policies and other workflows the Teleradiology Module will be configured to fully support your business. Please contact us for more information. Our specialists are happy to discuss with you all possibilities

Stradus Hybrid PACS for Teleradiology

The Teleradiology Management Module is an additional software module to support your daily teleradiology business. It is fully customizable to support your workflows and provides you continuously with accurate and up-to-date information. 

Fully customizable to support your workflow

As a Teleradiology Center you have established your own workflows. In order to run your business smoothly it is important that the software fully supports your workflows. Stradus Hybrid PACS is fully customizable. Our experienced team will discuss with you in detail your workflows to make sure the offered solutions fully fits your needs.

As a customer you can expect regular check-ups and updates to make sure the software remains fully aligned with your daily routine.

Management Dashboard

The Teleradiology Management dashboard provides you good overview of your business like the total amount of procedures, the number of procedures per customer, total procedures per modality, availablilty of your radiologists, total workload per radiologist. average turnaround time per radiologist etc.

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