Stradus Hybrid PACS supports unlimited sharing with (referring) physicians, sharing for 2nd opinion or sharing with patients.

Sharing with physician

With Stradus Hybrid PACS you can easily share single patient data with a (referring) physician. Just type in the name and the email address of the (referring) physician and the images and reports of the patient selected are instantly shared with the (referring) physician. The referring physician receives a mail with a link which allows him to view the images an reports of this patient in Stradus PACS. The (referring) physician does not need to install any software for viewing the images. Only the patient you have selected is shared with the (referring) physician.

Unsharing can be done instantly by selecting the same patient and click "unsharing" .

Sharing for 2nd opinion

Stradus Hybrid PACS enables easy sharing with any other radiologists in the world for 2nd opinion. The radiologist with whom the patient is shared for 2 nd opinion does not need to install any software. He will be granted access instantly via a direct link send to him by email. Stradus Hybrid PACS supports unlimited sharing for 2nd opinions.

Sharing with patients using the Stradus Patient Portal

Patients want to take their images home or be able to present it to any other doctor later. With Stradus Hybrid PACS you can easily share the patients images and report digitally. Patients will be able to easily access their own images on any device (PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone, Android) without installing any software. This will significantly reduce your cost, time and effort for printing (films) and burning CD’s.

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