Install Stradus Hybrid PACS on your existing hardware

For viewing the images you do not need to install any hardware. The Stradus Hybrid PACS is 100% Zero Footprint.

In order to receive the images from the modalities only the Stradus Server software needs to be installed on a computer or server that is connected to the same local network as the modality. In most cases Stradus Hybrid PACS can be installed on your existing hardware, so you don't need to buy new hardware. This will save you cost! 

Local Server Hardware

The Stradus Server software needs to be installed at the same location as the modalities. For multi site locations, the Stradus Server software needs to be installed at every modality location.

Zero Footprint

No software needs to be installed for viewing the images. The Stradus Hybrid PACS can be accessed from any device (PC, Laptop, Mac, iPad, iPhone, Android) without installing any software using the Google Chrome Browse

Purchase New Hardware

For those customers needing replacement of their existing hardware we can provide a full comprehensive PACS offer including necessary hardware, medical grade screens, etc. Please contact us for more information.  After we have made sure we fully understand all hardware and network requirements, our dedicated team will, together with you, select the best hardware needed to fully fit your needs. 

Minimum requirements for your existing hardware

Stradus Server Software can be installed on any computer inside your radiology center that is connected to the same local network as your modalities (CR, CT, MR, etc)

  • OS: Windows 7 / Windows Server R2012 or newer
  • IP: static
  • Free Disk Space: > 20 GB
  • Internet connection: Any regular consumer internet connection will suffice. No need for special internet connections.

There are no other requirements.

We are happy to serve you!