Stradus Hybrid PACS Features

Stradus Hybrid PACS provides a rich set of tools to support radiologists in their work. The following are the main tools available. Each tool is followed by a short description for non-radiologists who might not be familiar with these functionalities:


DescriptionInside facilityOutside facility
Thumbnails overview of all series Allows for a quick overview of all the series of the same patient, including possibility to view all prior series. Helps to save time
Flexible display layout Easily view the images in any layout ((1x1, 2x2, 2x1, 1x2, 1x3, 2x3, 3x3 etc.) and easily switch between different layouts
Hanging protocols Have images automatically open in the most practical layout for your specific cases based on your preferences. Hanging protocols can take into account, study types, body parts examined, modalities, current/prior exams etc. This ensures a highly productive way of working
Windowing Easily change the brightness and contrast
Window presets Use the window levels provided with the images by the modalities, or use custom presets (bone, chest, head etc.)
Invert Image Allows to invert the image contrast (black becomes white, white becomes black etc.) for improved visibility when required
Zoom/pan Easily zoom in and move to the areas of interest in the images
Magnifier The magnifier allows to quickly look at specific areas of the image in detail
Stack scroll Modalities like CT and MRI create large stacks of images. Stradus allows fast and smooth scrolling through even the largest studies with thousands of images
Synchronized Scrolling Images in other series will automatically scroll along to show the closest corresponding images
Reference Lines Reference lines show where the images are located with respect to each other
Smart Pointer 3D cursor automatically shows images in other views that are closest to the point clicked. Useful for example when one has series in different orientations and one wants to easily correlate them
Movie Mode Conveniently play multi-frame images in automatic movie mode. Movies automatically play at the speed (frame rate) provided by the modality or chosen by the user
Pixel Value Show the pixel values at the location of the cursor
Pixel Size Calibration Most modern modalities provide reliable pixel sizes that can be used when doing measurements. In some cases, like for example some special x-rays this is not available or possible. In this case Stradus PACS allows to measure a structure in the image of a well-known size for calibration purposes to reliably estimate the actual pixel size
Length Measurements Measure length on any images that has a pixel size provided by the modality or by using the pixel sizes obtained from calibration
Angle Measurements Measure simple angles
Cobb Angle Measurements Practical and quick way to obtain the angle between two lines in the images
Rotating Rotate your images in any degree
Flipping / Mirroring Flip and mirror your images horizontally and vertically
Region of Interest Allows to quickly obtain relevant statistics about the size and pixel values in the area
Save Jpeg Image Useful to quickly save an image as a Jpeg for example for quick use in presentations
Quick Reformatting (MPR) Single click reformatting in orthogonal directions (for example axial to sagittal or coronal)
Full Oblique Reformatting (MPR) Reformat the images under any angle. No need to open a separate viewer or to install any plug-ins.
Maximum Intensity Projection (MIP) MIP allows for specific cases to more quickly see
Keyboard Shortcuts Some users prefer to use the keyboard instead of the mouse or touchpad to quickly navigate the images
Concurrent Users Unlimited Concurrent Users

Ultrasound Support

DescriptionInside facilityOutside facility
Viewing of Ultrasound Images Viewing of all types of Ultrasound Images
Cine Watch Cine loops, pause, play etc. even on your phone or tablet
Measurements Carry out measurements on your ultrasound images
Grayscale and Color View your grayscale images and also you color images like for example color-doppler

Supported Devices

DescriptionInside facilityOutside facility
PC 100% Zero Footprint, no need to install any software.
Laptop 100% Zero Footprint, no need to install any software.
Mac 100% Zero Footprint, no need to install any software.
iPad 100% Zero Footprint, no need to install any software.
iPhone 100% Zero Footprint, no need to install any software.
Android 100% Zero Footprint, no need to install any software.
Concurrent Users Unlimited Concurrent Users


DescriptionInside facilityOutside facility
Rich Text Reporting Easy reporting in Rich Text on any device and from any location
Final Report in pdf with custom logo in header and/or footer Upon Signing Off the report, the Final Report will be automatically generated in the layout you have chosen with your logos in header and/or footer
Electronic Sign Off Signature Upon Signing Off the report, the Electronic Signature of the reporting radiologist will be automatically added to the Final Report
Reporting Templates Import your own reporting templates
Add or Modify Reporting Templates Easily add or modify your reporting templates
Automatic Report Notification Receive automatic report notification by email as soon as report is signed off
Report Visibility Reports are only visible for all users after sign-off. Draft reports are only visible for user
Auto Report Saving Automatic saving of draft report. When connection is lost or computer shuts down the content of the draft report is saved.
Preview Final Report in pdf Preview the final report in pdf before signing off
2nd Monitor Reporting Open reporting pane on second monitor to keep keep full visibility on images
Report Email Service Reports can automatically send to an email address upon sign off
Multi-step Sign Off Support for multi-step sign-off; this allows you to check the saved reports of for instance an intern or a junior colleague before you do a final sign off.


DescriptionInside facilityOutside facility
Fully integrated RIS Stradus Hybrid PACS comes with a fully integrated Radiology Information System
Reporting Full reporting functionality.
DICOM Modality Worklist (MWL) Modalities receive order requests including patient name, ID and procedure information. Technologist selects order for patient and does not need to reenter patient information
Modality Performed Procedure Step (MPPS) Easily see progress of image acquisition from anywhere
Workflows See workflow list for supported workflows
Order Display Easily find orders, see state of orders, manage orders, etc.
Receiving Orders Receive orders from external systems
CD Import CD import with option to assign order for importing new patient

Alerting & Notifications

DescriptionInside facilityOutside facility
by Email Email alerts and notifications can be send to your patients, your radiologists, your referrers, etc. upon any event that matters to you
by sms sms alerts and notifications can be send to your patients, your radiologists, your referrers, etc. upon any event that matters to you


DescriptionInside facilityOutside facility
CD Import CD import with option to assign order for importing new patient
CD Burning Burn patient data in DICOM format on CD directly from PACS
DICOM send to Workstation Automatic DICOM send to any workstation


DescriptionInside facilityOutside facility
Patient Data Sharing Single patient images sharing can easily be managed. The person with whom the patient is shared receives an email for easy access to the data of this patient only. Sharing and unsharing a patient can be managed instantly
Sharing with Referring Doctors Easy sharing single patient data with a referrer. Because Stradus Hybrid PACS is zero footprint software the referrer does not need to install any software for viewing the images
2nd Opinion Patient data can easily be shared with anybody for 2nd opinion
Request Reporting Share patient data with another radiologist and request reporting


DescriptionInside facilityOutside facility
Vendor Neutral Archive Stradus Hybrid PACS is a Vendor Neutral Archive. Images are stored with full DICOM header
Local Storage Images are stored locally for fast access inside your facility
Offsite Storage Multiple copies of the data are stored at reliable datacenters for easy and fast viewing from outside your facility
Storage Period Stradus Hybrid PACS offers various storage periods for the offsite storage. Storage periods can always be renewed. Please ask us for the options
Offsite Disaster Recovery Offsite Disaster Recovery is always included. This will ensure your data is very safe. Even in case of a disaster at your facility, we will be able to ship your data to any location for only handling and shipping cost.

RIS Workflows

DescriptionInside facilityOutside facility
Study Assignment Stradus Hybrid PACS supports different assignment rules which can be configured exactly to your preferences. A few examples of assignment rules that can be set are:
1) Asignment based on modality
2) Assignment based on time
3) Emergency queue
and many more...
Multi Step Report Approval Workflow For example for residents it is possible to configure a multi-step report approval workflow. The resident will report himself. When the resident signs off the report will be assigned to the supervisor. The supervisor can edit the report if needed before he signs off. Only after the supervisor has signed off the report, the report becomes available. Supervisors can even approve reports while accessing Stradus Hybrid PACS from outside the hospital
Teaching Files Whenever a radiologist is reporting a case that he thinks is of interest for future teaching he can add it to his teaching file. Cases can be added to folder to be stored in special teaching file folders. The radiologist can easily save the cases based on for instance modality, procedure, pathology etc.
Centralized CD/DVD burning Whenever a patient needs to take his patient data with him on a CD or DVD, the CD/DVD burning request can easily be done from any location inside the hospital by authorized users
Import DICOM Data from External CD DICOM data from External CDs by authorized users. The data will automatically be connected to an existing or newly created patient
and more Please contact us to discuss any specific workflows that you would like to support

Support and Updates

DescriptionInside facilityOutside facility
24/7 Technical Support 24/7 Technical Support is always included
By Phone call 24/7 for immediate support
By Email Send your support request to
By Chat Stradus Hybrid PACS has an inbuilt chat functionality to request immediate support
Free Updates Stradus customers receive free updates to the newest commercially available version of the software

Teleradiology Features

DescriptionInside facilityOutside facility
Stradus Teleradiology Module Teleradiology Centers can optionally add the Stradus Teleradiology Module to effectively manage their business
Management Dashboard User friendly management dashboard to provide up to date information
Fully customized The Stradus Teleradiology Module is fully customizable to exactly fit your needs
Workflows supported The Stradus Teleradiology Module supports all different kind of workflows and can be customized to fit your workflow as well. Please contact us for more information
Remote acces The Stradus Teleradiology Module is accessible locally and remotely


DescriptionInside facilityOutside facility
Concurrent Users Unlimited Concurrent Users
Sharing with Referring Physicians Unlimited Sharing with Referring Physicians
Sharing for 2nd opinion Unlimited Sharing for 2nd opinion
Sharing with Patients Unlimited Sharing with Patients

Some features might not, or might only be available at additional cost in some markets.

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