Stradus Hybrid PACS acts as a Vendor Neutral Archive (VNA). Stradus All data remains fully DICOM compliant and can always be used by other DICOM compliant systems in the future. Your data is stored locally and multiple copies of your data are safely stored at reliable datacenters. You will never lose data. Offsite Disaster Recovery is included for all Stradus customers.

Vendor Neutral Archiving

Stradus Hybrid PACS is a Vendor Neutral Archive. All data is stored with the original DICOM headers and remains fully DICOM compliant. This means that all images in Stradus can always be used by other DICOM compliant systems.

Images stored locally

Newly acquired images are stored locally. This guarantees superfast viewing over the local network inside your hospital or center. The system will detect automatically when the local storage gets full and will automatically create space for new images by removing the oldest images from your local harddrive. Dont worry, multiple copies of the data will be stored on our offsite servers and will remain available in Stradus Hybrid PACS.

Offsite storage at reliable datacenters

Multiple copies of all your data are safely stored at reliable datacenters. Storage period is as long as agreed in the contract. Upon request storage period can always be extended. Stradus will contact you before the end of the storage period and will not delete your data without your consent.  

Integrated offsite backup and disaster recovery

For all customers automatic offsite backup/distaster recovery is included. If you would lose your data, don't worry. We can ship your data safely stored in our offsite datacenters back to you on a hard drive or NAS for only handling and shipping fee.

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