Affordable solutions for everyone

Affordable solutions that fit your needs

Stradus offers very affordable PACS and Teleradiology Solutions for small practices as well as for large hospitals. Stradus can be fully adapted to you needs. We will extensively discuss with you your needs in detail to offer you the solution that fits you perfectly. We will not stop before you are fully satisfied.
Also for the practices and hospitals running on a tight budget we offer very affordable PACS and Teleradiology Solutions. 


24/7 Technical Support and Service included

24/7 Technical Support and Service is automatically included in all Stradus Hybrid PACS offerings. You do not need to worry about maintenance or hiring additional IT staff. We take care and make sure the system just works. If you encounter any problem, you our Support Team is ready 24/7 and can be contacted via phone, email and chat. We will make sure to solve your problem as soon as possible so you can continue working. We are happy to serve to!

Updates included

Stradus goal is to make all the customers of Stradus PACS fully satisfied. Stradus is dedicated to continuously improve the quality of the Stradus PACS. Stradus customers will receive all updates free of cost during the length of the agreement. This ensures that do not have to worry about new versions or updates of the operating system.  You just continue to access the Stradus Hybrid PACS on Android, iOS, Mac and Windows even when new versions of these operating systems are released.

We are happy to serve you!