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Stradus Hybrid PACS is an extremely reliable and easy to use PACS solution. The Stradus Hybrid PACS is very well suited for any type of hospital or radiology center. The Stradus PACS solution can be fully configured upon the customers needs and specifications. All Stradus PACS solutions come with integrated disaster recovery. Viewing from inside and outside the facility is possible on any device (PC, Laptop, Mac, iPad, iPhone, Android) without needing to install any software.

The Stradus PACS is a Hybrid PACS. It is a local pacs and a webpacs both at the same time. The Stradus Hybrid PACS therefore combines all the advantages of a local pacs and all advantages of a webpacs.

Images are stored locally and at the same time multiple copies are safely stored off-site at reliable datacenters, so you will never lose your data. The system will automatically detect if you are accessing the Stradus Hybrid PACS from within the facility or from a remote location. 

From inside your facility you will experience blazingly fast access to the images via the local network and from outside your facility you will experience superfast access to your images in full diagnostic quality via the cloud servers. The Stradus Hybrid PACS offers the same functionality as from inside the facility.

Inside the hospital or imaging center the images are instantly available from any computer via the local network. Stradus Hybrid PACS also provides convenient and fast access to all images in full diagnostic quality from outside the hospital. Stradus users can access Stradus Hybrid PACS from almost all types of phones, tablets and computers (PC, Mac, iOs and Android).

Stradus Hybrid PACS acts as a Vendor Neutral Archive (VNA). Stradus All data remains fully DICOM compliant and can always be used by other DICOM compliant systems in the future. Your data is stored locally and multiple copies of your data are safely stored at reliable datacenters. You will never lose data. Offsite Disaster Recovery is included for all Stradus customers.

Stradus has been designed with security in mind first. It is designed to protect the privacy of all the patient data as well as to protect the integrity of the data and to keep the customer networks secure.

Stradus Hybrid PACS can be installed on your existing hardware. You don’t need to buy any new hardware. This will keep your cost low. Upon request Stradus Hybrid PACS can be delivered with dedicated hardware, like servers, workstations and medical grade monitors. Our experienced team can help you select the best hardware that fits your needs. Please ask us for more information.

Modern hospitals want IT solutions that support their workflows. The radiology department is only functioning well when the PACS system, integrated with the HIS, supports all the workflows. Therefore, a deep integration of the PACS with the HIS supporting all workflows, is of utmost importance. This will help your hospital to offer the best quality of care to your patients.

The Stradus PACS is fully HL7 compliant and can be integrated with most Hospital Information Systems. Integration of the Stradus Hybrid PACS with your HIS comes at a custom price. For more information, please contact us or ask your local reseller.

Stradus goal is to make all the customers of Stradus PACS fully satisfied. Stradus is dedicated to continuously improve the quality of the Stradus PACS. Stradus customers will receive all updates free of cost during the length of the agreement. This ensures that do not have to worry about new versions or updates of the operating system.  You just continue to access the Stradus Hybrid PACS on Android, iOS, Mac and Windows even when new versions of these operating systems are released.

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