Five Reasons why Managers choose Stradus Hybrid PACS

1. Increased quality of care

Stradus Hybrid PACS increases the quality of care offered to your patients. 

2. Higher productivity and lower cost

Stradus Hybrid PACS is very reliable and increases productivity of your radiologists. Extremely high availability, the intuitive User Interface including a wide range of advanced features enables radiologists to spend more time effectively reading and reporting cases. [more]

3. No extra work for IT staff

Stradus Hybrid PACS is fully managed and maintained by Stradus Support. There is no need to hire additional IT staff. This reduces your overall cost compared to other systems. 24/7 Technical Support and Service is automatically included in all Stradus Hybrid PACS offerings. [more]

4. One PACS solution for unlimited number of users

Stradus Hybrid PACS will increase the satisfaction of your (consulting) radiologists, but also all other physicians and medical staff that needs access to the images. From any location  inside or outside the hospital the users will have from any device instant and easy access to the images and reports. Adding more users is easy and free of cost. [more]

5. Deep integration with Hospital Information System

Stradus Hybrid PACS is fully HL7 compliant and can be deeply integrated with most Hospital Information Systems. HIS-PACS integration is standard of care in modern hospitals. It increases your effciency and reduces cost. The Stradus integration team efficiently and effectively integrates the Stradus PACS with your HIS to support your workflows. [more]


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