Five Reasons why IT Managers choose Stradus Hybrid PACS

1. Reliable archiving

Stradus Hybrid PACS provides reliable offsite archiving of all images. The images are archived with multiple copies at reliable datacenters to ensure you will never lose your data. [more]

2. Offsite disaster recovery included

Offsite Disaster Recovery is included. If you would ever unfortunatly lose your data we can easily ship you your data for only handling and shipping fees. [more]

3. Network protection

The Stradus solution has been designed to easily integrate in any network environment without needing changes to the network settings. For Stradus you do not need to open any network ports or firewalls towards the internet. This keeps your network safe. From a networking perspective it simply works as a client connecting to the central offsite Stradus cloud servers, comparable to a web browser uploading data. Therefore, no DMZ is needed. [more]

4. Fully managed by Stradus support

Stradus Hybrid PACS is fully managed and maintained by Stradus Support. There is no need to hire additional IT staff. This reduces your overall cost compared to other systems. 24/7 Technical Support and Service is always included in all Stradus Hybrid PACS offerings. [more]

5. Regular consumer internet connection suffices

There is no need to purchase any special internet connection. Any regular consumer internet connection will suffice.

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